Core Values

We’re embracing seven core values that form who we are and dictate how we live.

We believe these values will move us toward being real people, in a real relationship with a real God, connected with others in a real way, to pass on real life!

Surrender: He is God and I am not.

Dependency: In the invisible and eternal realm prayer really works. And any other work just really doesn’t work.

Connection: Life works better with people. We choose “total community immersion” as a way of life.

Authenticity: Real is better than perfect. We believe in progress, not perfection.

Graciousness: We have been saved by grace to live graciously. Respect, acceptance and forgiveness is ours to give.

Simplicity: You could call this one “focus” because we intend to stay slim in program in order to keep our eye on the ball. What matters most is people finding Jesus.

Multiplication: The party can’t start until everyone’s arrived, so we’re all about multiplying the number of kingdom laborers, life groups and life-giving churches. And we’re waiting on God to do something for which we cannot take credit. Instead we will fall on our faces and say, “Look what God did!”