We’d rather you choose Life Group as a way of life over joining us on Sunday mornings!


What is Life Group? Real spiritual transformation. Leadership development. A process of increased intimacy with your Creator. Passion for His kingdom. A life of eternal influence, no matter where you are on your journey.

So how do you begin? Start with Discover the Life, a six week introduction to Life Groups and the four Life-giving Practices. Through the practice of Life-giving Prayer, we’re becoming walking-worshipers. Through the practice of Life-giving Truth we’re being changed from the inside out. Through the practice of Life-giving Relationships we’re experiencing real connection with each other and God’s healing power in our lives. Through the practice of Life-giving Impact we’re keeping focused on what matters most . . . people finding Jesus.

After Discover the Life, get involved in a Life Group. Groups are already meeting and ready to welcome you! Check out the calendar under the Resources section to find one or check out the list below. If we don’t have one that fits your schedule, we’ll form a new one around you and your friends!

Life is all about practice. The grace of God invites us to come as we are and journey together with Him, in vibrant worship, changing from the inside out, and making an eternal impact with a life full of purpose!

For more information, contact Tony Boscarino (402-909-2796) for men’s groups and Michelle Powell (402-616-2241) for women’s groups. Contact the specific life group leader for information on the meeting place and any additional details.

Life Group Schedule:

Women’s Groups


7:30pm, Jess Boscarino (*for young adult women)


9:30am, Michelle Powell @402-616-2241 (with childcare)

5:00pm, Terri Maxon @402-429-2562

5:45pm, Jaclyn Vermeline @402-443-7813


1:30pm, Michelle Powell @402-616-2241

5:45pm, Michelle Powell @402-616-2241

7:45pm, Maris Buller @402-416-1741


7:00pm, Jasmine Chrastil @402-850-1263

Men’s Groups


6:45am, Lonnie Buller @402-499-4662 & James Bergsten @402-650-7809


7:30pm, Roger Maxon @402-429-8417 & Tony Boscarino @ 402-909-2796

6:40 am,  Sterling Hitch

6:00 pm, Ben Hazlett @ 402-440-9899